Vinyasa Flow Yoga

I invite you to discover your creativity and range of movement in fluid, intuitive, dance-like classes while building up strength and bringing flexibility to your physical body. Once you know the sequence this practice becomes a moving meditation, helping you to be fully  present and connect with your own energies, creating balance in your energetical and physical body.

Yin Yoga

Using different techniques like sense withdrawal, visualisations or a journey through the chakras to help you find stillness, relaxation and get in touch with your emotional, mental and energetical body while working with the fascia in your physical body to use a holistic approach, finding balance and well-being. This is a perfect way of connecting with your true essence. 

Sound Baths & Relaxation

Dive into the world of deep relaxation and bliss by simply laying down and listening to the vibrations of sound, washing like waves over your body. Allow your mind to rest, your body to heal and your awareness to turn inwards. This will help your immune system to become stronger, your nervous system to relax and your body to find its power of self-healing and recovery. 

Hey! I´m Chris ...

I grew up on a farm in rural Germany where I was influenced by nature, wildlife and the energies around me from an early age. All of these influences awoke my desire to understand the world in a holistic way. Movements like climbing, swimming and intuitive movement have always played an important role in my life. After finishing high school, I lived in London for 12 months where I completely immersed myself in Yoga and the art of movement. After successfully graduating from my first 200hr Yoga teacher training I lived in Australia where I taught Yoga, before travelling to India to continue my educational and spiritual journey; completing my 400hr training in Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Flow. I have now gained yoga teaching experience in London, Sydney and India.